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This is perfect for those of you are scared of your sewing machine.


Maybe you received this awesome gift for Christmas or Birthday, or thought you would love to start sewing clothes and other projects.....but you don't know where to start.....or are terrified if something goes wrong the you won't know what to do to put it right!


You will be guided through your sewing machine step by step. Threading, winding the bobbin and what to do with all those extra accessories.

You will be able to book onto any many sessions as you feel you need in order to build confidence to begin sewing.


Thinking of buying a sewing machine, but want to learn the basics first before making that purchase. Hire a Sewing Machine from us! Just let us know before your session so that we can get it set up for you.


Refreshments provided.


By selecting the "Book Now - Date to be Confirmed" option, you will receive an email from us within 48 hours of booking to arrange your workshop.

Please reply to our email with your availability. We will then check our availability and add your session to our calendar.

Once date and time is agreed, you will receive a Confirmation Email with all the information regarding your workshop.

If you don’t receive any communications from us within 48 hours after booking please check your Spam folder.

If after 3 days you've received no communications from us please email:

2 Hour How To Use Your Sewing Machine

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