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Colourful Cupcake 100% Polyester Polar Fleece Fabric. Digitally printed funky multicoloured cupcakes on a gorgeous purple background. This wonderfully lightweight, super soft and cosy fabric is perfect for children's clothing apparel, loungewear, blankets and more! Our polar fleece fabrics are ideal for the colder months, with their insulating properties they are a great alternative to wool. 


2 pieces on roll

Piece 1: 4m 45cm

Piece 2: 1m 95cm


Width: 160cm 


Sold in 25cm increments, 

Quantity 1 = 25cm

Quantity 2 = 50cm

Quantity 4 = 1m 

Quantity 6 = 1.5m 


If purchasing more than 25cm we will cut a continuous length


Price: £15.99 per metre

Colourful Cupcake 100% Polyester Polar Fleece Fabric

25 Centimeters
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