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Where’s Wally Print Stretch Jersey Fabric. Space adventure, Cotton Jersey. 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane Stretch Fabric. Dark blue background, Planets, Stars, Spaceships and aliens, Constellations, Meteors. Wally is hiding on the fabric so see if you can find him. Soft touch, soft drape, suitable for children’s clothing such as onesies and hoodies. 


Width: 140cm 

If purchasing more than 25cm we will cut continuous length


Sold in 25cm increments, 
Quantity 1 = 25cm
Quantity 2 = 50cm
Quantity 4 = 1m 
Quantity 6 = 1.5m 


Price: £20.00 per metre

Where's Wally? Space Adventure Design in Dark Blue Cotton Jersey Stretch Fabric

SKU: J02
25 Centimeters
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